Tag: so sure of death

Enter Jo.

Joan Dunaway was a reporter for the News, and had been one since she and Wy had returned from Europe the year they graduated from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Wy with a degree in education and Jo with a degree in journalism.  She’d built up a reputation over the years for ferreting out bad…

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In which Wy loses her temper.

“You suicidal son of a bitch!” Wy said, eyes blazing.  “That is the last time you go up in a plane with me, I don’t care how much the frigging state is paying!  You could have been hurt!  You could have been killed!”  She wound up and hit him again, this time her clenched fist…

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Enter Charles.

“Liam!” Wy said involuntarily, and started forward. “Sir?” Trooper Prince said.  “How did you get here?” The man turned his head toward them, bringing it full into the light from one of the windows.  Wy halted.  So did Prince. He was tall, broad-shouldered and long-legged, with thick dark hair going a distinguished gray at the…

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