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And how nice is THAT?!!

Sunday before last, April 7th, thanks to Kate Shugak being the Kindle Daily Deal, this is what the Amazon.UK e-bestseller lists looked like: Kate was holding down #1, #4 and #5 on the paid list and #5 on the free list. Thank you, Amazon.UK, and thank you, UK readers!

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I’ll always be there for you in e. I’d like to always be there for you in print, too.

I’m home now, after a series of blowout events for Bad Blood in Scottsdale, Tempe, Cave Creek, Prescott, Denver, Portland, Mesa, Tucson and Palmer, Alaska. I heard this question almost everywhere I went, at bookstores, libraries, the ASU writers conference, the Tucson book festival: How would I rather you read my novels, in print or…

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Bad Blood’s moment of glory

Here it is, in Sunday’s print edition of the New York Times: The asterisk means I’m tied for 13, with no less than George R.R. Martin. Listen hard, and you can hear my editor chanting, “Printed list! Printed list!” Again, this would not have happened without you, the people who bellied up to the bookstore…

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You guys read way too fast.

I posted to the Danamaniacs page yesterday morning as follows: And to everyone who has already zoooooomed through Bad Blood: A) learn to read more slowly, please B) outrage, anguish, a prayer that I die a painful death, these are fine, but no spoilers, and C) take a breath. As I said last night (click…

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Winnahs! of the audiobook bundle!

Remember last Tuesday’s Audiobook Giveaway on Facebook? Where those amazingly generous people at Macmillan Audio gave give you the chance to win a bundle of Kate Shugak audiobooks? Can’t believe they included the new book in that, but they did. Without further ado, here’s the lucky five who won: Angelique Graham from Florence, Arizona Diana…

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