The History of Kate Shugak in 20 Objects – 15

Warning: Spoilers spoken here.

HoZ Kate15

I’m just gonna cut and paste Megan’s comment in its entirety here. As Penny said, she truly did drop the mike.

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STAR WARS A0872_EPII_Anakin_Skywalker.preview

My heart always breaks a little when I write about Willard. He is the innocent victim of a disease we see all too often here in Alaska. That doesn’t mean he can’t be manipulated to be dangerous. But it isn’t Vader he carries around in his pocket, it’s Anakin.

[PS–Willard, and Howie, that little weasel, return in Kate21. So you know.]


The 21st Kate Shugak novel, coming May 6, 2017.