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For Christmas, I offer you…the Silk and Song Trilogy in all its glorious completeness. Okay, and a few other things.


Begin reading Silk and Song immediately in e by clicking on the covers below:

Everything Under the Heavens cover artBy the Shores of the Middle Sea cover artThe Land Beyond cover art

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Or you can draw out the anticipation and order all three books in print from the Poisoned Pen. Just click on these covers instead.

Everything Under the Heavens cover artBy the Shores of the Middle Sea cover artThe Land Beyond cover art

If you’ve been living in a cave for the last month and are wondering what the heck this Silk and Song thing is all about, watch this and find out:

PP livestream

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Or…how about a free copy in e of the first Kate Shugak novel?

A Cold Day for Murder Cover

Just remember, everyone of those reindeer is a girl.

Just remember, every one of those reindeer is a girl.

Or for the Liam fans, maybe you missed the crossover novel between the Kate and Liam ‘verses?

Restless in the Grave

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Extra, extra, read all about it!

The Land Beyond, the third and final novel in the Silk and Song trilogy, is now available for downloading from all your finer e-book emporiums! Whoop!

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Johanna and Jaufre left Everything Under the Heavens in search of her grandfather. Tried by treachery, tested by war and challenged by the very Road itself, they have at last found their way to the shores of the Middle Sea and the storied streets of Venice itself, the gateway to the East, only to find Marco Polo on his deathbed. Where do they go from here?

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I’ll be signing the trade paperback edition of The Land Beyond at the Poisoned Pen at 2pm Saturday, December 5th. Pre-order your copy here. Barbara is ordering extra copies of Everything Under the Heavens and By the Shores of the Middle Sea so you can buy all three at once and have me sign them for you.

Everything Under the HeavensBy the Shores of the Middle Sea cover art

Marguerite Gavin says she is beginning the audio recording of Book II. Book I is already available in audio format right here.

Click here to read the latest edition of the Roadhouse Report and catch up on all the rest of the news, including the latest on Kate21.

In the meantime, check out the killer prices on the first two e-books by clicking on the images above. Nice.

And you should definitely click on the image below so you can watch people all over the world open the Roadhouse Report in real time. My favorite part of every newsletter. Hello, Poona, India! Hello, Auckland, New Zealand! Hello, Perth, Australia! Hello, Nottingham, England! Hello, Rockland, Maine! And hello there, Wasilla, Alaska!Roadhouse Report Worldview

Silk and Song II, or let the buckling and swashing continue!

Here’s the livestream from the Poisoned Pen’s launch of By the Shores of the Middle Sea event on November 29th.

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It’s always a party down at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore.

Here’s the livestream from last Tuesday’s By the Shores of the Middle Sea event.

I think I can safely say a good time was had by all. I sure had a blast, and I got to handsell a bunch of books I didn’t even write to fellow readers.

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“A horse’s whinny, imperious and insistent, was heard, and Johanna laughed.”


— One —
Talikan, Spring, 1323

A horse’s whinny, imperious and insistent, was heard, and Johanna laughed. “Ihsan! Open the door before North Wind opens it for you!”

The door opened and Johanna shot through the opening as if she had been loosed from a bow. Still, North Wind was there before her.

Ihsan, the stable master, was the only man in Sheik Mohammed’s entire stables who could even marginally handle North Wind without injury. He was certainly the only one courageous enough to saddle and lead the stallion from his stall, and smart enough to flatten himself hastily against the stable wall as the great white stallion moved past him at a gait unsuitable for the relatively cramped quarters of the stable yard. She laughed again, caught a handful of mane and swung herself up on North Wind’s back. He didn’t stop as she settled into place, continuing on toward the double doors of the stable yard, his intent obvious. Either someone would open the doors or North Wind would go right through them.

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