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Sea chanties

A number of readers have expressed interest in the sea chanty Kate sings in Dead in the Water. The last time someone asked I promised to post the lyrics, so here goes:

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“Like what?”

At the same time the Grosdidier brothers were settling on a command structure at home, they were willing, nay, eager to assert their independence abroad. There were a few years when Park rats had only to see the Grosdidier brothers coming in one door to exit immediately out of any available other. Their quadranarily sequential…

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The bootlegger’s friend.

“Windsor Canadian. The bootlegger’s friend. Retail price in Anchorage, seven-fifty a bottle. Retail price in a dry village, a hundred bucks easy.” “Yeah.” The bottle dropped to the table, next to the gun. —“Nooses Give,” a Kate Shugak short story Only in e. On,,, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

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Fan Letters

[From the vaults, 2011] I’ve had some great fan mail, like the email a woman wrote to say that Breakup made her blow Sprite out of her nose in an airport lounge. But this has got to be my all-time favorite. Jason was doing a book report on Breakup and wrote to ask me…

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