Let her get on the next plane out of here.  Let her get off in Anchorage, or, better yet, Seattle, or best of all, Etadunna, Australia.

From Midnight Come Again, the tenth Kate Shugak novel:

Jim distinctly remembered “forklift operator” printed in the job title slot of the form he had filled out in Anchorage, and he did operate the battered old propane-powered forklift from time to time.  When he could be spared from loading and unloading the Piper Super Cub, the Cessna 206 on floats, believe it or not the DC-3 and, holiest of holies, the C-130 Hercules when they roared up, he was set to weighing freight, packing totes and pallets, making out waybills and load manifests, loading freight that had come in into the backs of pickup trucks, unloading freight to go out from the backs of other pickup trucks, answering the phone and the radio, entering times and locations for freight to be picked up and delivered on a grubby chart on the wall of the hangar, taking telephone reservations, and trying to satisfy Yupik speaking-callers who spoke little English and had no patience with those unfortunates who spoke even less Yupik. 

He looked for Kate to handle the last of those calls, but she had long since disappeared, back to the bunkhouse, he presumed.  Fine.  Good.  Let her keep her distance.  Let her get on the next plane out of here.  Let her get off in Anchorage, or, better yet, Seattle, or best of all, Etadunna, Australia.  Good for her to move her sweet little ass as fast and as far out of range of the toe of his boot as she could get it.

The metal banding he was currently winding round a loaded pallet twisted and snapped like a splinter of wood.  He took a deep breath, removed the mangled end from the bander, and started over.   


Chatter Kate Shugak

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  1. This might be my favorite book in the series. But Etadunna? I just looked it up on Google Earth, and there’s nothing there but an airport and a zillion sheep. How do you come up with stuff?

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