Writing with no expectations


Storyknife Writers Retreat

We are grateful for this blog post by July’s fellow, Sharbari Ahmed:

IMG_4648“Sometimes having no expectations is the best way to approach the unknown. That is how I traveled to Homer, and the Storyknife Residency; an overpacked suitcase (I wore the same pants every day for two weeks, fancy skinny jeans were left untouched) and light on expectation. As a result, I experienced an abundance of riches. I didn’t even think about Homer’s inevitable beauty before I got there. I wanted to be awed, surprised even, and I was. The three volcanoes outside my window put things into perspective very quickly. If I needed any more reminding of my personal insignificance it was ready and waiting for me the moment I saw the mountains and the water. I had to shed the notion that I was somehow indulging myself by getting lost in Alaska for 14 days to focus on…

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Author and founder of Storyknife.org.

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  1. That was beautiful. Being there with the volcano’s, the cabin, the occasional moose must be so amazing. I am glad she had such a wonderful experience. I am glad your idea for a women’s writer’s retreat has been so successful.

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