“As much as one third of Ptolemaic Egypt may have been in female hands.”

They inherited equally and held property independently. Married women did not submit to their husbands’ control. They enjoyed the right to divorce and to be supported after a divorce. Until the time an ex-wife’s dowry was returned, she was entitled to be lodged in the house of her choice. Her property remained hers, it was not to be squandered by a wastrel husband. The law sided with the wife and children if a husband acted against their interests…They loaned money and operated barges. They served as priests in the native temples. The initiated lawsuits and hired flute players. As wives, widows, or divorcees, they owned vineyards, wineries, papyrus marshes, ships, perfume businesses, milling equipment, slaves, homes, camels. As much as one third of Ptolemaic Egypt may have been in female hands.

–excerpt from Cleopatra, a life by Stacy Schiff
[my review here]

And that paragraph is exactly and precisely where I became interested in writing a crime fiction series about a queen’s fixer set in Cleopatra’s Alexandria.

Tetisheri, Eye of Isis


Chatter Eye of Isis

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  1. So when are you going to start the series? Who is the main character? I’m ready, can I help with research? I am a graphic designer and know how to search the internet (been on computers since 1986). Give me something to research. I am also retired so I have the time.


  2. This is going to be such a great series. Will it be 3 like Silk and Song? I too can do research. I can look for ancient Egyptian coins for you. On the other research through the Kate series I am ready for Play with Fire.


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