“The dialogue is smart, authentic, and reminiscent of Elmore Leonard.”

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  1. Dearest Dana
    I must confess…I have to read the book over…as I was so distracted…listening for that first ‘bark’ or scrabble of paws…Thank goodness you didn’t wait til the very end to bring our beloved Mutt back to us!
    Love Kate and Jim of course…but Mutt fills us with joy and a sense that all is well again…
    thanks so much and please write another soon!
    Doris Renshaw


  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was all I had hoped for and more. Can’t wait for the next one, just please don’t wait so long this time, pretty please!


  3. I was delighted to see a new Kate Shugak novel. When I finished the prior novel it was with resignation that Mutt was getting older and that Kate would be devastated by her sidekicks loss, so understood that this was the end of the series.
    ‘Less Than a Treason’ was such a treat and the pups were the crowning touch! Thank you.
    Another Vicki! *G*


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