“Crime fiction doesn’t get much better than this.”


Less Than a Treason (Head of Zeus, 9781786695697) receives a STARRED review in the May 1, 2017 issue.

When Aleut PI Kate Shugak is shot in the chest at close range, trooper Jim Chopin, her lover, is wracked with guilt for not killing her assailant sooner. [redacted, spoilers] When human bones are found near her retreat, Kate returns to Niniltna, where most locals thought she was dead, and resumes working. [redacted, spoilers, don’t bother with a FOIA request] Starting a Kate Shugak book is like going somewhere everybody knows your name, given the warmth and familiarity of the Niniltna cast, even to readers new to the series. The twenty-first series installment, this sequel to Bad Blood (2013) maintains Stabenow’s reputation for concise prose, pithy dialogue, full bodied characters, and intriguing plotting. Crime fiction doesn’t get much better than this.
— Michele Leberkate21-cover-art

May 6, 2017

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  1. Look at that review! You are a wonder, and deservedly so. Can’t wait to read the new one, and I have my dictionary primed and ready for the vocabulary lesson I know you will give me. Robert Frost is on top of the dictionary as well. Thank you!


  2. Since my previous career leaves me with knowledge of how long a FOIA takes, I’ll just suck it up with a slight whimper. Kudos on the review!


  3. WOW!!!! You couldn’t get a better review.
    It’s great that people are seeing what us Danamaniacs have always know.
    Congrats Dana…


  4. Already knew it didn’t come better!! The best thing I can say about Kate books is that I am never aware that I’m reading! I live them! Then on my second ( and third, and fourth) time round I absorb it all again. I find new things I missed – references to the Greek and Roman classics, to Shakespeare, to poetry,to all sorts of wonderful things. And I have so missed them! I hope 22 is already started!


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