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  1. My mother is legally blind, and has always enjoyed your books prior to her diagnosis. We now utilize Audible for her to be able to listen to new books, and enjoy her old favorites. We have recently started getting her the Kate series, and we have discovered that Singing Of The Dead is not available. This is one she never read when released, and has prompted her to ask me to get on your site and kindly request that SOTD be made available on Audible.

    Best Wishes!

    Daniel and Carole Applegate


    • Thanks so much for writing, Daniel, and please tell Carole how much I appreciate her enjoyment of the Kate Shugak series. The Singing of the Dead is in audio format but it’s out of print (if an audio book can be out of print). I found one copy on Amazon.US used for $80, which seems a little extortionate. May I suggest you check with your local library? If they don’t have it on the shelf they may be able to find you a copy by way of InterLibrary Loan.


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