First time I’ve ever been compared to Elmore Leonard.

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  1. Um, wow! Congratulations! This reviewer gushed all over him/herself.

    Enjoy Hawaii!

    Best, Kathleen

    From: Dana Stabenow Reply-To: Dana Stabenow Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 10:01 AM To: Kathleen Alcala Subject: [New post] First time I’ve ever been compared to Elmore Leonard.

    Dana posted: “Excuse me while I’m over here breathing into a paper bag. And even more important: PW didn’t give anything away, so safe to read. Signed hardcover edition Kindle US Kindle UK iBook Nook Kobo “


  2. Have meant to tell you this for a few years now…. Every year in my high school literature class, I teach a small unit on poetry. It’s not my specialty so my goal is just to introduce my students to it (not so much master it). They all groan at first but, I swear, the best class discussions happen in these units! This year, British Lit, a week of Scots, a week of Irishmen, and a week of Englishmen (with a drunken Welshman thrown in for good measure). For me, I get really jazzed when I find a Dana Stabenow title in the poetry I assign. Of course my students are more excited when they find popular music (to wit, this week is a two-fer: Kubla Khan (see Rush’s Xanadu) and The Charge of the Light Brigade (Iron Maiden – The Trooper). Point being – thanks for making me take another look at poetry and spreading the love to the next generation.


    • And thank you for the wonderful compliment! Whenever an aspiring author asks me for advice, I tell them to study poetry. Poets have to do so much in such a concentrated space. Their craft is a lesson to us all.


  3. I am so happy to read that there is a new Kate Shugak novel out. I was so bummed out at the end of the last one, thinking she was gone from us. Thank you, Dana Stabenow, for your work. I love ALL of the books you’ve written.


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