One good soldier doing the right thing



Third in Rachel Bach’s Paradox military sf/romance trilogy. Deviana Morris quits the mercenaries to sign on as security on a small trade ship called the Glorious Fool, only to discover that that is no trade ship. Her crew is made up of two Paradoxians, one suspiciously calm Terran cook, one aeon bird navigator, one human-eating lizard doctor, the captain’s eerie daughter who is of course no daughter, and Cotter, another Paradoxian and Devi’s number two whether he wants to be or not. The trilogy is one extended battle scene with Devi’s mad fighting skills front and center, but there is good world building and dialogue and the relationships work, too, and the whole story is an exemplar of one good soldier ending a 70-year war by…doing the right thing. Kind of heartening, really.

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