Dear Mr. President…

Dear President Obama,

First of all, thanks for staying in Alaska longer than it takes to refuel Air Force One. In my lifetime I think you’re the first POTUS who even stayed overnight.

Now, about that smoke fish you scored in Dillingham.

Photo from Associated Press, via The Indian Express
Photo from Associated Press, via The Indian Express

I heard you talking about recipes for it on NPR this morning. A few suggestions:

Scramble it in eggs, maybe with a little chopped scallion. Breakfast of champions.

Mix it with cream cheese, garlic and a little Tabasco. That will definitely dress up those Ritz crackers you were talking about.

My fellow Alaskans? Weigh in with your own recipes for smoke fish below. Be especially nice if someone had a smoked salmon pasta recipe.


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  1. Yummy Yummy Yummy. I am totally going to make those Arepas. Maybe the Tacos as well. That Pasta thing sounds great too. Thank you Dana (and POTUS as well)!


  2. Mix cream cheese, mayo, chopped onions, chopped jarred jalapeno and a splash of lemon juice with some smoked salmon. Serve with ONLY Ritz crackers! perfect appetizer or snack.

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  3. Very simple – mix cream cheese, chives, garlic powder (to taste) in with the smoked salmon. Mix until smooth. Supply Ritz crackers, butter crackers, triscuits, wheat thins – stand back or get run over!


  4. Make quiche! Chop some mild onion, make a nice crust, beat some eggs with some milk, grate some cheese – Swiss is nice, chop some spinach. Prepare the salmon (save the jar), and line the pie pan. Carefully stir everything together and pour into the crust. Shield the edge of the crust and bake. 350* until a knife inserted in the center a bit is clear when removed. Set on a rack to cool. Serve warm. Delish!


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