7 thoughts on “Song of the Day

    • I hope so, Ginger, but that’s up to Marguerite Gavin’s schedule. The all-in-one depends on if we think we can sell enough copies to pay for it. Watch the website and sign up for the newsletter, as soon as I know anything I post it here and in a newsletter.

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  1. Thanks Dana. I will purchase the all-in-one. Also, will the 3rd book come out in paperback like the other two? Hope she has time. Have been getting the newsletter for a long time. Have you ever been able to use the data I put together for you?


    • The Land Beyond will be out in paperback by Thanksgiving. The ebook comes out earlier. Now that I’m done with Silk and Song and starting on Kate21, I can think about what to do with all that work you did. Still very appreciative of it!

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      • Awesome on the paperback. So we can pre-order it from The Poisoned Pen soon? I have started a second shelf of your books. If I can do any other research for you, let me know please. I was glad to do it and I learned so much more about Kate’s world when I looked up some of the authors and the musical artist. I am sure you will find a way to use it. Excited for Kate21 and The Land Beyond. Can’t wait to see how Marco Polo’s family reacts to meeting his granddaughter. Hope you got the weeding done you wanted to get done.


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