Life Hack

From the Cheap R Us Files.

You know how the pump on the lotion bottle coughs to a stop before the bottle is empty?


You pump and pump and it slurps and slurps and nothing comes out, but you can feel by the weight of the bottle that it isn’t empty. It’s always irritated the hell out of me. It’s like the manufacturer cuts the tube off short so I’ll have to go buy more before I’ve used up the last of the bottle I bought, and not for nothing, either. You can unscrew the pump and try to shake the lotion out on the palm of your hand, but either enough won’t come out or half of what’s left does and it’s a mess either way.

Well, it turns out that all of these large bottles have a standard size cap. Like for instance this large bottle of shampoo.


Which means, you can save the cap from your last bottle of shampoo and when your lotion pump stops working, you can switch out the lotion pump for the shampoo cap.


Now you can squeeze out every last drop.

Note: Modestly, I bring this to the attention of Donna Freedman and her Surviving and Thriving blog.


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