“And she was here as a result of betrayal, kidnapping and blackmail.”


— One —
Talikan, Spring, 1323

And she was here as a result of betrayal, kidnapping and blackmail. They might not speak of it directly, but they knew – and she would never forget. The sheik and his son and their men had ambushed her party on the trail down from the high pass through the mountains because the sheik had wanted North Wind, and because the big white stallion wouldn’t go anywhere without Johanna.
She remembered again the blade of Sabir’s sword sliding so easily into Jaufre’s back, and closed her eyes against a wave of nausea. She took a deep breath and let it out, slowly.

When she opened her eyes Kadar was sweeping past, and she stiffened her spine because it was a point of honor never to show weakness before the chief eunuch. A tall man of massive girth with a broad, impassive face clad in skin the color of tar in which no single hair could be found, he ignored her to shake back the elaborately embroidered brocade of his long, wide sleeves and draw the filigreed bronze bolt on the door. The bolt was more an ornamental badge of Kadar’s office than it was any serious kind of deterrence to forced entry. The locks on the other side were far more substantial.
Johanna had refused all attempts to indoctrinate her into the Islamic faith, to the further scandalous twittering of the harem inmates, but she had embraced the opportunity to learn Persian, because another language was always a useful skill. When she discovered that Kadar meant “beloved” in that tongue she had been hard put to it to conceal her amusement. As with everything else in the harem, excessive mirth could draw unwanted attention.

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2 thoughts on ““And she was here as a result of betrayal, kidnapping and blackmail.”

  1. Barb says:

    (Sorry – I don’t F’Book or Twit, & see no other way to post this. May be @ wrong page So if 5,000 Danamaniacs have already posted – or if it hits a”wrong page” -sorry.)

    Smithsonian Magazine: Did Marco Polo “Discover” Alaska?
    Have you seen? You may enjoy. Nicely dovetails 2 of yr interests, I think.:

    “…If genuine, the maps would show that Polo recorded the shape of the Alaskan coast—and the strait separating it from Asia—four centuries before Vitus Bering, the Danish explorer long considered the first European to do so…”


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