“She had figured out how to set bail, and how high.”

The Collected Short StoriesIn the six months since she had been sworn in she had stumbled through her first arrest warrants, fumbled through her first search warrants, and muddled through her first arraignments. She had figured out how to set bail, and how high. She had issued half a dozen restraining orders, and had taken emergency action in one case of child abuse that still gave her nightmares. She had tried, convicted and sentenced no less than sixteen drunk drivers. She had tried and convicted one fisher of fishing without a permit, a second for fishing past the end of the period, a third for harvesting female opilio, a fourth for harvesting undersized kings, and a fifth for fishing outside the district to which his permit restricted him. She had learned to discount most excuses offered by fishers, because if all the engines alleged to have broken down in her courtroom really had, half the Bering Sea fishing fleet would be in dry dock.

—”Missing, Presumed…”

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  1. That’s not fair!!! I just finished Bad Blood and I’m devastated because I don’t know if this is the last book where Kate and mutt or killed OR if you are just punishing your devoted readers. It’s time for bed and I’m too upset to sleep. Shame, dana. Please don’t keep us in suspense too long. Please.


  2. You know how devoted your readers are to you, don’t you? Wanted to add that I have learned so much about Alaska, thanks to you. Again, I beg you not to keep us in suspense too long. Thank you, Carolyn ingram


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