The second book in the Silk and Song trilogy is a week and a day away!

BTSOMS_0730In Everything Under the Heavens, 16-year old Johanna and her companions fled Cambaluc and her murderous stepmother to join her uncle’s westbound caravan on the Silk Road. At Terak Pass, where Mongol China ends and the scattered sheikdoms of the Persian empire begin, in an act of bloody betrayal Johanna was abducted and her foster brother Jaufre left for dead.

As By the Shores of the Middle Sea begins, Johanna is imprisoned in the Talikan harem while in Kabul far to the south Jaufre lies recovering from his near-fatal wound. Thousands of leagues to the west is Gaza, the port city where Johanna and Jaufre once meant to take ship for Venice and sanctuary with Johanna’s grandfather, Marco Polo.

Gaza and Venice: two cities on opposite shores of the Middle Sea that together open a door to the West. For Johanna and Jaufre, it’s a passage that will shape their destiny. But first? They have to get there.

By the Shores of the Middle Sea publishes in e on October 15th, and is now available for pre-order via the links below.

And for those of you who like their books in print…

I’ll be signing the trade paperback edition of By the Shores of the Middle Sea, live! and in person! at the Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale on Saturday, November 29th, at 5pm.

Pre-order your copy of the trade paperback!

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Everything Under the Heavens now on sale!

Everything Under the Heavens

Of course because I love you, but mostly because I’m determined to seduce all of you die-hard “I only read Kate books and when is the next one coming out” fans, upon publication of By the Shores of the Middle Sea the price of the first Silk and Song Book, Everything Under the Heavens, drops to $4.99.

Download and rejoice!

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