Perhaps, but it sure is humongously onomatopaeic.

humongous Disagreeable for huge (or similar words).  *  There are lengths of natural cherry and red and white cedar, and three pine tie beans 23 feet long, the center one humongous at 13 by 15 inches. USE huge.  *  Surfing the online GRS scene you’ll find giantesses galore — in reality, photos of normal-size women manipulated to appear humongous. USE gigantic.  *  Somehow the Prides found time to compile their evaluations in a humongous and amazingly complete atlas to all educational software available for personal computers. USE mammoth.  *

Not quite a misusage, humongous is altogether a monstrosity. It is a hideous, ugly word. And though it’s not fair to say that people who use the word are hideous and ugly as well, at some point we come to be — or at the least are known by — what we say, what we write.

The Daily Vocabula, May 6, 2014‏

Chatter Random Friday

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