Sesame Asparagus Pasta


2 ounces of penne

in a pot of boiling water. Reduce heat and let simmer for 11 minutes.


a dozen spears of asparagus sliced diagonally into two-inch pieces

Asparagus and pasta

Bring back to a boil and let simmer until the asparagus is fork-tender.

Meanwhile in a bowl whisk

one tablespoon of mayonnaise


one tablespoon of sesame oil


a few shakes of salt

mayo and sesame oil

Drain the pasta and asparagus and toss with dressing. Eat it hot right away or cold later, delicious either way.

Sesame asparagus pasta

One pot, four ingredients, fifteen minutes stove to table. Tasty, filling, healthy and only 453 calories. What’s not to love?

Chatter Random Friday

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  1. Well gotta try it now, always looking for new dishes for the family. We love to cook and eat so we welcome healthy suggestions. Thanks Dana for posting!


  2. Sounds good BUT – the pasta is going to be way overcooked for my taste. When I try it, I’ll be cooking the pasta al dente and the asparagus separately, maybe steam it. That ruins the “one pot” wonderfulness, I know, but what else is a pasta perfectionist to do? It’s a great basic recipe, though, I’ll definitely try it – thanks.


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