The Snake has all the Lines

[From the vaults of, Jan 10, 2011]

...what do most of us find at the end of the rainbow? Another rainbow. Disillusionment stalks us all. Even children discover at a tender age that we have no permanent kingdom, and all is tinsel.

For example, our Christopher came home from school one day to announce, in a rather apathetic manner, that the first grade was putting on a play about Adam and Eve, and he had been cast as Adam. I was mystified by his lack of enthusiasm and I said, “You’re playing Adam? Why, that’s wonderful, that’s the lead!” “Yeah,” he replied gloomily, “but the snake has all the lines.”

Now isn’t that the case all over? You work, you slave. Honors seem just within reach. And what do you find? The snake has all the lines.

—Jean Kerr, The Snake Has All The Lines


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