Kate’s first mention in Forbes.


Forbes audiobook story…and the Kate Shugak series, written by Dana Stabenow and narrated by Marguerite Gavin. By way of introduction, “Shugak is an Alaskan Aleut who solves mysteries with her half-wolf/half-husky, Mutt (who in real life has her own fans and ‘Friends of Mutt” bumper sticker’),” she writes. “Not only are the books fun, but one also learns about the culture and history of Alaska, especially the delicate balance in relations between Natives and whites.” Her favorite title is Though Not Dead.

Read the whole article here. Be warned, your to-read shelf is going to increase exponentially.

Followed of course by the obligatory buy links…and please note that Kate1 is still absolutely FREE! on Amazon.

The Kate Shugak Mysteries

A Cold Day for Murder
Cover: A Cold Day for Murder
List Price: Free / 99¢
A Fatal Thaw
Cover: A Fatal Thaw
List Price: $4.99
Dead in the Water
Cover: Dead in the Water
List Price: $4.99
A Cold-Blooded Business
Cover: A Cold-Blooded Business
List Price: $4.99
Play with Fire
Cover: Play with Fire
List Price: $4.99
Blood Will Tell
Cover: Blood Will Tell
List Price: $4.99
Cover: Breakup
List Price: $6.99
Killing Grounds
List Price: $6.99
Hunter’s Moon
List Price: $6.99
Midnight Come Again
Cover: Midnight Come Again
List Price: $7.99
The Singing of the Dead
Cover: The Singing of the Dead
List Price: $6.99
A Fine and Bitter Snow
Cover: A Fine and Bitter Snow
List Price: $6.99
A Grave Denied
Cover: A Grave Denied
List Price: $7.99
A Taint in the Blood
Cover: A Taint in the Blood
List Price: $7.99
A Deeper Sleep
Cover: A Deeper Sleep
List Price: $7.99
Whisper to the Blood
Cover: Whisper to the Blood
List Price: $7.99
A Night Too Dark
Cover: A Night Too Dark
List Price: $7.99
Though Not Dead
Cover: Though Not Dead
List Price: $12.99
Restless in the Grave
Cover: Restless in the Grave
List Price: $12.99
Bad Blood
Bad Blood
List Price: $12.99


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