One of the best things my writing life has ever given me.

That would be the Danamaniacs, best described as non-fan fans. By which I mean they aren’t so boring that they only read me. (And Sandy named them, so don’t start with me over the name.)

There are five managers, Sandy, Carolyn, CathyR, CathyO and Kymm. Here’s a photo of the first four, the poster version because I can’t find the original photo

CathyO, Sandy, Carolyn, and Cathy Rose, the four 'maniacs managers. What, you don't recognize them?

CathyO, Sandy, Carolyn, and Cathy Rose, the four ‘maniacs managers. What, you don’t recognize them?

and here’s a photo of the fifth, Kymm


who has the added distinction of back in the day winning the contest to name the Roadhouse Report (my newsletter, to which you should subscribe immediately).

They have a page on Facebook, where they talk about all kinds of stuff, but mostly about books they love. Like this post on March 26th by ‘maniac Sandy (not the manager)

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 10.15.27 AM

There are now over 200 comments, like this one from Marnie

Och, I’m in Aberdeen, Scotland with DS Logan McRae.

and this one from Tracy

Hey, turn around, Sandy, I’m right there with you!

and this one from Marcia

I’m in 1773 North Carolina with the Fraser family!

and this one from John

Leaving Saren for the Roof of the World, travelling with Corram Smithison and Liam Ironarm.

and this one from Janice

Err – 18th century England at Mansfield Park

and this one from Arlene

Cuba in the 1940’s, having just arrived from Bimini, Bahamas in the ’30s; will soon be out at sea. Anyone know what the book is?

Uh, no. And this one from me

In Bahrain with Tom Cutter.

Anyone know what that book is?

I was a reader long before I was a writer, and this, folks, is just the best part of my writing life.

There were also more than a few like this one from Evelyn

Somewhere on the Silk Road in the 12th century.

and thank you for that!

Everything Under the Heavens

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  • The Silk and Song slideshow is here, and I’m going through it a slide or two at a time, with commentary, most Tuesdays here.

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