On the way to market.

From the Everything Under the Heavens slideshow, two photos from western China, aka the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region:

Uighur gentleman on the way to market.
Uighur gentleman on the way to market.

We passed this gentleman on the road.

Parking lot in Kuche

But it wasn’t until we got to Kuche that we discovered where he was going. Our guide told us that the imam or preacher at the Kuche mosque was a well-known and respected preacher, and Muslims from all around would come on Friday to hear him speak. Being a practical people, they’d stay over a day to attend the Saturday market. Donkey carts were their means of transportation, and they used the dry river bed to park. The gentleman we saw earlier would be selling his load of dried grass as fodder for the other donkeys.

You’ll find the rest of the Silk and Song slideshow here.

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