The audio books are up!

Your digital audio copy of Everything Under the Heavens is available for download as follows:

On Amazon.

On Audible.

On iTunes.

And yes, they are all narrated by that marvelous, burnt brown sugar voice of Marguerite Gavin.

Marguerite Gavin

Everything Under the Heavens in e:

  • Amazon.US
  • Amazon.UK
  • Amazon.AU
  • Apple iBooks
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Kobo
  • Silk and Song glyph

    In trade paperback, unsigned.

    In trade paperback, signed by the author.

    And here’s a link to the Silk and Song slide show I narrated at the Poisoned Pen at the February 15th launch.

    Everything Under the Heavens

    2 thoughts on “The audio books are up!

    1. gloria says:

      Sigh. Another cliffhanger. Also slight gnashing of teeth and throwing of book on the bedroom floor at 3-something a.m. I don’t know why we keep reading you, Dana, when you so obviously delight in torturing us. The only upside to this hanging situation is that we only have months to wait and speculate about who else you may or may not kill off or hurt, as opposed to YEARS you’re making us wait for the next Kate. You are such a stinker.
      Wish so much I could have been there to see you and Martin Walker – Hurrrah! A new Bruno! Let’s go to France and eat! Darn it, come to Chicago!


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