After twenty-plus years…

…Book 1 of Silk and Song is at loooong last for sale!

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    In trade paperback, unsigned.

    In trade paperback, signed by the author.

    Audio is coming from

    And here’s a link to the Silk and Song slide show
    I narrated at the Poisoned Pen on Saturday.

    Everything Under the Heavens

    25 thoughts on “After twenty-plus years…

    1. KarenB says:

      But Dana, she says plaintively, it’s too short! Having devoured it while hiding in my bedroom from my husband and kids who were having yet another snow day. Which brings me to: Dear Alaska – we have your runaway winter. Please come get it. Love, the Lower 48


    2. But Karen, she says plaintively, it’s fifty pages longer than A Cold Day for Murder. And we would looooove to take our winter back. You stole it, return it now!


    3. Kathryn says:

      This book is so danged good! Thank you for the bibliography. The list and I are off to the library to see what we can have loaned from somewhere for me to read and learn. This is great since we have all your dratted snow!


    4. says:

      I am really looking forward to reading to this book. I “discovered” you about two years ago and, I’m not sure if this is what an author wants to hear or not, but when I’m able to read one of your books it’s akin to shifting places and catching a break. Thanks


    5. Judy says:

      Dana, I just ordered a signed copy from Poisen Pen. Am going to torture myself by waiting for the mail to bring it to Colorado. Meanwhile, the sun is shining here (hopefully melting the remnants of sub-zero snow piles). I hope you have clouds pregnant with snow up there!


    6. gloria says:

      Okay, I ordered the darn book, now give us another Kate. How long are you going to keep us hanging? I’d love to make you a present of all this snow we really didn’t need. Alaska is welcome to it! At least some of it will melt over the next few days, until our next, as usual, week-end snow storm. Curses!


    7. Christy says:

      Very excited. So glad it’s coming to audible since that’s primarily how I get my reading done. Do you have any idea when it will be available on audible? Thanks!


      • My Guy said three days ago, “ACX will put the audiobook through a final quick quality control process, and then begin distributing it to,, and iTunes. Barring any issues in the quality check, that process should take upwards of 14-20 business days.” And thank you!


    8. el edwards says:

      It is bad enough waiting for Kate’s next book. (yes authors have lives and yes not all authors follow to the Patterson writing method –i understand that and respect it or hopelessly hoping for another Liam Campbell book/story.
      BUT I doubt i have 20 years left to waiting, hope, expect volume 2 of Silk and Song.
      Any plans or dates for vol 2 and 3????


    9. Inge Kutt Lewis says:

      Darn, darn, darn. Spoiler alert!
      Boy when you leave us hanging on that darn cliff, there are no fingerprints left to identify the hanger.
      I am German/Chinese and studying tai chi. I love ALL your books and was afraid of tackling this one because most novels dealing with China are full of forsooths. But this one, oh my. Thank you for writing this.

      Laura Anne Gilman of the “Retriever” series?

      First, please don’t kill off my favorite people. You have a bad habit of doing that in the “Red Planet” series and with Kate.

      Second, did you ever notice in a Eurasian couple that the sons favor their mothers and the daughters, their fathers? Just saying that Johanna should have more Chinese characteristics. No, I don’t want you to change her, but the genes are against her having the eyes and hair you ascribe to her. That said, I love her just the way she is, though I want to smack her. But that’s due the teenage years, right?


    10. Yes, LAG of the “Retriever” series. She’s a terrific editor, too.

      I know about the genes, but…literary license. Had to give her a reason to leave.

      And thank you!! So glad you liked it, lovely to hear.


    11. Jack Keesey says:

      I just finished everything under the heavens and thoroughly enjoyed it and loved the Liam series. Which I understand you will not be continuing based on one of your answers at one of your appearances, but are we to understand that you will no longer be writing the kate Shugak series. A simple yes or no will not suffice for all your loyal fans. Having been at a number of your appearance I know you love to talk about your writing so an answer please.


    12. gloria says:

      What?!!!!! TWO MORE YEARS?!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
      Boy, this Silk Road thing better be unbelievably good. I’ll let you know if I forgive you once I get the book.


    13. Terese says:

      I have become such good friends with Kate Shugak. It always happens when I get a series that I love. I don’t ever want them to end. I am ordering your new book. I hope I make it friends with also. The comments here sound like I will. I hope you never lose your imagination.


      Liked by 1 person

      • And relax. I’ve cringed enough over my own error-prone comments on other websites over the years to assign any grade whatsoever to anyone who makes a teensy little goober on mine!


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