A Glyph for Silk and Song

I posted this message to the Danamaniacs’ Facebook page on December 19th:

I asked Caton at Gere Donovan Press if they could come up with an illustration for page breaks in Everything Under the Heavens. Caton writes, “We may revisit this as we get closer to press—right now we’re proofing the text and getting the epub preview ready—but at least for the nonce we’re going with the Mongolian “Khatan Suikh” or Queen Carriage as our scene break glyph. The Internet suggests it’s a symbol of eternal love and honesty that figures into matrimonial rings and embroidery and whatnot. And it’s just a nice geometric squiggle.”

Whaddya think?

Silk and Song glyph

So then ‘maniac Cheri Matson retaliates with the “Dana’s Page Break Quilt” pattern:

Cheri's glyph quilt pattern


Everything Under the Heavens

Pre-order your signed copy from the Poisoned Pen right here.

Poisoned Pen logo

10 thoughts on “A Glyph for Silk and Song

  1. Abigail Cooke says:

    I’m ready to order the paperback “Everything Under the Heavens” whenever you are ready for me to, Dana! Really looking forward to it.


  2. deb says:

    Ok, I got hooked on Kate and have run through her stories and Liam’s as well. I shall now start on Silk and Song.
    I just finished Bad Blood and of course am wondering if we have seen the end of Kate or if her stories are on hold while Silk and Song makes a run.
    I shall be requesting Short Stories from the library. I know not what I shall do then. 🙂


  3. Ginger says:

    Hi Dana, Just talked to Patrick at the Poisoned Pen and pre-ordered Everything under the Heavens. Can’t wait to get it. Also plan to pre-order the audio version on ITunes.


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