Peyote, picot, and patience.

That’s what it takes to bead rocks.

Beaded rock, top down

All the beads are sewn on with needle and thread. It took me five days.


I used primarily single and double peyote stiches, with a lot of picot for embellishment.


And a ton of patience.


If you think this rock is pretty, you should see the work my teacher does.


I learned most everything I know about beading from Linda Smith, aka Mistress of Chaos. Her jewelry and her art objects will stop you in your tracks. She can be found this evening and tomorrow at the Bad Girls of the North craft fair at the Millenium Hotel in Anchorage.
You should go.
Bad Girls banner

Chatter Random Friday

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I would buy one….because I have not one iota of patience to make something this detailed and stunning! I find many authors are multi-talented and creative in more ways then just writing. Fantastic job!


  2. Linda Smith is responsible for creating MANY bead addicts! I have taken several of her classes, and she is a special lady, big heart, and amazing talent. It’s wonderful that she loves to share her talents.

    Your rock is very beautiful, by the way! I love the beads and colors you chose…….


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