Sea Lions, Finbacks and Glaciers, Oh My!

From Chapter 7 of Alaska Traveler:

There is a certain subspecies of the human race known to Alaskans as Homo Sapiens hospesdomus exhades, perhaps more familiar to you as the Houseguest from Hell. These people show up as early as March and eat all your food and drink all your beer and run your car out of gas and marvel at the fact that you have cable and that you can spend American money in Alaska, and they never, ever go away, or they don’t until the temperature drops below freezing, sometime in September and maybe October.

After a while you’ll do anything to get them out of the house. “There’s this great trip to Denali,” you’ll say, and put them on the Alaska Railroad forthwith. Or “You really should walk inside the mouth of a glacier once while you’re here,” and you bundle them into a car and point them toward Eklutna. Or “The view of Turnagain Arm from the tram is incredible,” and you put them on a bus for Girdwood. But when you mention the Kenai Fjords tour of Resurrection Bay, you say, “WE’LL go tomorrow.”

Dana Stabenow. Alaska Traveler (Kindle Locations 388-395). Gere Donovan Press.

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