So, I went to the Tucson Festival of Books on Sunday.

My first book festival. It was pretty overwhelming. Thousands–I’m told tens of thousands–of people crowding the University of Arizona mall, all in celebration of the book. As I said to Jeff (see T. Jeff below),

“Kinda validates our choice of profession,
doesn’t it?”

Now, you’d think it would be pretty cool for me to sit up there in front of hundreds of people, many of whom are fans of the books, and it is.

But there is something even cooler, and it’s this:

I got to sit next to these people.

Kevin Hearne, whom I got to sign next to at The Poisoned Pen booth. Kevin, you will remember, is the author of the Atticus O’Sullivan series, about the last living druid who has managed to piss off every god in every pantheon in the history of human mythology. The sixth one, Hunted, I am ecstatic to report comes out in June.

Craig Johnson, who I got to be on a panel discussion with and who plopped his cowboy hat down on my head. And who writes the fabulous Walt Longmire series, set in Wyoming. The next book is The Serpent’s Tooth, coming out in June. Click here to imagine how excited I was about that.

T. Jefferson Parker, who I got to sign next to at the Clues Unlimited booth. Regular readers of my blog already know how I feel about the Charlie Hood series. The sixth–and final–installment, The Famous and the Dead, is due out next month. (I scored an ARC so I’m reading it now. Neenerneener.)

John Verdon, with whom I got to share the whodunnit panel that morning. Who writes about not-so retired homicide detective, Dave Gurney. Who excavates his stories almost archeologically. His third novel, Let the Devil Sleep, comes out in paperback next month.

Jeri Westerson joined John and me on the whodunnit panel. She writes medieval noir (lovelovelove that name), and the fifth book in her series, Blood Lance, came out last October. How she got the feel of stabbing a knife into actual flesh is an interesting story, although it was probably most interesting for her neighbors.

This is just the best part of my writing life.
Thanks for all the great books, guys.

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