Tucson, Arizona, I am in you today!

Appearing at the Tuscon Festival of Books as follows:

Who Dunnit? Plotting the Mystery, with Jeri Westerson, John Verdon, and David J. Polan
10am, UA Bookstore

11am, signing at The Poisoned Pen, Booth #230-231

12n, signing at Desert Sleuths Sisters in Crime, Booth #109-110

1pm, signing at Mostly Books, Booth #127-130

3pm, signing at Clues Unlimited, Booth #286-287

Killing Me with a Smile, with Craig Johnson and Barbara Peters
4pm, UA Mall Tent

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And if you can’t make it in person, Bad Blood is available through these buy links:

Autographed first editions from the Poisoned Pen.

on Amazon.

on Barnes and Noble.

on iTunes.

on Kobo.

12 thoughts on “Tucson, Arizona, I am in you today!

  1. Andrew T. Kuligowski says:

    Geez … what a schedule!! I hope you don’t get hungry today (or have to go to the bathroom) because there’s no time in your schedule for it!!
    P.S. Say “hi” to Cowboy Craig this afternoon! Two of my favorite writers in one room!

    (Meanwhile, on this side of the country, Tim Dorsey is giving a “reading” – term applied loosely if it’s like his other appearances – at our local library. I may have to skip – he’ll be p-ssed if I give him my cold, especially if he loses his voice in the middle of tour!)


  2. Juliana Yoder says:

    I just finished Bad Blood, and I am shocked and angry that you could leave your readers hanging that way at the end. I have enjoyed your books and writing style so much in the past that I was quite surprised you would be so disrespectful of the people who have been faithful to you over the years. This shoddy strategy has cost you at least one reader, and I will not be waiting with bated breath for the next book.


  3. Karen Perkinson says:

    February will not be the same next year without a Kate Shugak book. Will look forward to the next one in two years but hope your publishers change their minds and “print” your next book in paper form for those of us who love the romance of the book. Looking forward to the new one – it sounds terrific.


  4. Craig was a total blast, Andrew, best time I ever had on a panel.

    Juliana, you sound too unhappy for any comfort, so I won’t try. Thanks for reading up till now.


  5. Marsha says:

    Perfectly written ending, but I felt like I had been hit in the chest. I went straight to the website, thinking this can’t be the end. So glad it’s not! I can’t wait for the next book.


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