Win a Friends of Mutt sticker!

That would be one of these:

Mutt Sticker
If you can’t see the form below, click here.

Do these two things:

Change your Facebook profile photo to the cover of Bad Blood (download it here)

and fill out this form:

FYI, this is where I put mine:

It’s fun to see the doubletakes in airport lounges when I’m on my computer
and the apple is shining through the sticker.

One week and counting!

Pre-order your copies here

Chatter Kate Shugak

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  1. Well …. I think I did it! As a 67 year old avid reader of your writings I was more than willing to make your book cover my profile picture. But … first I had to figure out how to get the picture onto my photos on fb and then sloooowly figure out how to make it the profile pic. I was stymied on what my fb link was though and finally had to call a younger family member to find out. So I THINK it is there- it LOOKS like it is there – I HOPE it is there! Love the books- been a fan as long as the books have been here and so glad that you, Dana, are young and can write for many more years! The audio versions are wonderful and help on many a long drive East when I I go to help out an elderly father.


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