Ash nazg durbatulûk…

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  1. Oh yes, WANT! But quite expensive, darn it! You are so right about reading the books. Just re-read them all before seeing The Hobbit, for the bazillionth time (at least once a year since my Freshman year in high school, back in the 60’s), and I sat there saying “What is all this Radaghast crap? That never happened!” I love the movies, they’re wonderful, and they’ve introduced Tolkien to countless readers who probably would never have read them otherwise, but they’re a pale shadow of the Middle-earth I’ve carried in my head all these years, thanks to countless readings of these wonderful books.


  2. I know the books too well. I didn’t like the films, but I agree that they’ve introduced millions to the books, so on the whole a good thing. (If Peter Jackson had not included the scene where Eowyn takes out the Nazgul king, I would have run amok!)


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