Kate trivia contest today!

Wanna win one of these?

(Click on the link to see the whole mug. It’s pretty cool.)

Okay. Answer these ten questions and send the answers to Laura at Minotaur.

1. Who is nature’s optimist?

2. Who does Mac Devlin hit on after Bobby’s interview with Anne Gordaoff?

3. Who was Camp Teddy named for?

4. What is Kate’s first gift from Jim?

5. How was Ray Chevak related to Kate Shugak?

6. How many Class C state championships have the Kanuyaq Kings’ mens’ basketball team won?

7. How did an FBI agent get on board the Alexei Kosygin in Petropavlovsk?

8. Who nailed one hell of a shingle?

9. How does Kate manage to pull out in the bumper-to-bumper traffic at Lake Otis and Tudor?

10. In which Olympic sport did Talia Macleod compete?

This contest ends as of 8am tomorrow morning Eastern Standard Time, which means if your answers aren’t in Laura’s inbox by the time she walks into her office, you’re out of the running. The first five people to answer all ten questions correctly win a mug.

And yes, thus it begins, the Teaser Tuesday onslaught for the twentieth Kate Shugak novel in the twentieth year of her existence. More to come…

Pre-order your copies here

Autographed copies from the Poisoned Pen.

on Amazon.

on Barnes and Noble.

on iTunes.

Chatter Kate Shugak

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  1. Bad Blood…I was one of the lucky one’s to win an advance copy..GREAT BOOK..a little shorter than I would have liked and the ending…….sorry can’t say..

    Dana you have done it again!!!!!



  2. I have all your Liam Campbell & Kate Shugak books in print & audio!! Well, I have one Liam Campbell in audio!! My only complaint is, how come Kate got all the black eyes in ‘Though not Dead’??? It wasn’t fair!!!! Looking forward to the new book very much!! Can’t wait.


  3. Too tough of questions for this aged brain. Hope you post answers when it is over. Guess I will have to get my mug the old fashioned way…


  4. ok i have reaad them all but the quiz is not for me. can i buy a mug? my fo m sticker is on prius’ tail and have had to explain it several times. hope some of those become readers.


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