And the winnahs are…

Guys. You’re killing me here.

I’m writing this at 10:42pm Wednesday, and knowing this post has to be up tomorrow morning because I promised you it would be is all that’s holding my feet to the fire to get this done. I should have known you wouldn’t make it easy for me. I’m doomed with fans who are as a body way too smart and way too funny. You give me hope for the future of the human race. I thoroughly enjoyed all of your entries and I wish I had 83 ARCs to give to each and every one of you.

To recap:

On Tuesday I announced that, courtesy of my publisher, the Beast, I had three ARCs (advance reading copies) of Bad Blood to give away. Bad Blood being the twentieth Kate Shugak novel, publishing in three months. I asked two things: That you tell me in the comments why I should send you the ARC, and that you share the post on your social network.

Your response was overwhelming. As of [very] early this morning, when I disabled the comments, there were 87 comments, the post had been shared 326 times on Facebook, tweeted 25 times, and even emailed once. That doesn’t count the three people who retweeted my tweet and the people who shared from my Facebook page.

You ‘maniacs are the red shift limit BEST!

And now, without further screwing around, the winnahs are—

Susan Wassenhove of Mishawaka, Indiana, who wrote

While I am a huge fan and love that you can transport me back to Alaska in a nanosecond I really think it’s my mother who deserves to win.

My mom is an amazing woman and at 85 years old just retired from working at Notre Dame University and she owns and runs the bar she inherited from her mother (who owned and ran it from 1924 until she was 90 and who inducted into the Bartender Hall of Fame! ). My mother has turned this little neighborhood bar into a great blues bar that draws bands from all over the country.

My mom has had a bad year. Last november she was diagnosed with colon cancer (yep, has worked through it all), and has been going through chemo this year. She unexpectedly lost her son who died unexpectedly. He was 2 weeks shy of his 50th birthday. She is now due for one year follow up colonoscopy and PET scan as well as a hernia repair (the hernia is from her colon surgery). Her stress level is high and I think the escapism that your latest book would be a great thing for her!

My mom came to visit me when I lived in Sitka back in the 90s so did get a a small view of Alaska. Winning the ARC would give her another Alaskan vacation without the hassle of flying from the Midwest!

Dana says, “Lyn and Doretta agree, Susan wins for her mom.”

Janet Ghilarducci of Palo Alto, California, who wrote

I have been selected to join the intergalactic expedition to Ursa Major II. Signs of intelligent life have been detected on the OberonTitan corps and part of our mission is to make contact and exchange scientific and cultural knowledge. We are set for blast-off on January 3, 2013 at 0500. Having an advanced copy of Bad Blood would of course contribute to my personal enjoyment but would also allow me to share the complete set of Kate Shugak books with not only my fellow expedition members (which will surely raise my esteem in their eyes) but also with the members of whatever alien civilization we encounter. Of course, this is a top-secret, privately funded endeavor and I am counting on your discretion.

Dana says, “It isn’t every day I get an offer to break publishing ground on a new planet.”

Tom, who wrote in the very first comment to be posted

Not funny or imaginative…simply that I am out of work, and cable is shut off. Electricity is next. Reading by candlelight in evening helps keep mind off day to day problems…using computer in the library.

Dana says, “Tom gets an ARC, and fervent wishes for a better year to come.”

Special mention goes to Stella and Amanda’s poems and Sue’s haiku, and to the new disease Kelly invented right here on, Barbara, I don’t know what guy you’re talking about and I never shop at Costco so you couldn’t possibly have run into us there, and if the Mayan thing really does kick in on December 21, to Kymm, Andrew and the rest of you, I extend my most sincere apologies.

And thank you for playing!

…coming to a bookstore near you on February 26, 2013…

Chatter Kate Shugak

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  1. Thanks for the consideration & the sort-of honorable mention, Dana. (Hey, I DID get a copy of “Restless” on audio earlier this year – thanks again – so only fair you should spread the love around a little.)


  2. I love these ‘contests’! Fun to read the entries- good grief, there are some talented and creative reader/writers out there! Congrats to winners! Can’t wait for the new book!


  3. I really had fun writing my comment for the ARC contest. It was a nice break in a rather stressful day. And I read every single comment in that thread and enjoyed all of them. You have some really amazing fans.

    Have a wonderful day.


  4. it sounds to me like you picked great winning entries (even if it wasn’t mine, lol). I too hope that Tom has a much better year. And my heart goes out to Susan’s mom. Janet – if you see this comment, you put a lot of creativity in that, and made me laugh. Congratulations to all the winners! (just don’t spoil the ending for the rest of us!!)


  5. Thanks Dana, I appreciate it and can’t wait to surprise my mom with it! I don’t know if I”ll be able to keep it a secret I may have to spill the beans and tell her.


  6. Well that was fun. Always enjoy writing comments to try and make you laugh, Dana. I also enjoy reading all the other comments of my fellow Danamaniacs.
    A shout out to Lu Ann Steffrey Cicci, I too am a child of Trixie Beldon and the Bobbsey Twins, loved them and read them over and over. When my nieces were old enough I passed the books along to them. I looked for your name on the Danamanicas Facebook page, didn’t find you there, if you’re on FB you should come join us.


  7. Well deserved winners! I will add ‘Bad Blood’ to my Amazon wish list and get it soon after it comes out. I enjoyed writing my entry and wish I could have won an ARC, but actuallly I ‘won’ a better gift – it was an honor reading the other entries. Best wishes to all the Danamaniacs and may all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving.


  8. Sorry I missed this contest. As an avid Kate Shugak reader & listener – yes, Dana, I have all of them in ePub & Audio versions & now Audible just got the first Liam Campbell!!! I even broke down & bought the Svensdotter series just because it had your name on it. Just a suggestion – Liam needs to hang around with Kate a little more so he’ll grow some balls. I just love Kate!! BUT, it just isn’t fair that SHE gets all the black eyes! Do something about that, wouldja.


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