UK Kate Cover Glory

From the Head of Zeus spring catalog:


When Nic Cheathem, my UK publisher, sent me the covers, I replied thusly:

Excuse me, Mr. Cheetham, sir, who told you I loved bright colors and crisp graphics and an overall design ethic that shrieked of Kate and Alaska and frontier? These. are. FABULOUS. I see now that the long wait for a British publisher was totally worth it.

Click here for the catalog in pdf, with photos you can embiggen.

Nic wrote last week about publication dates:

We’ll have all our ebooks up by Christmas and the print dates for the paperbacks are underneath the thumbnail of each book on the first catalog page.

I asked him in what countries, specifically, the Kates would be printed. He replied

…we will be printing for UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. Technically, the books will be available in Africa/India/Far East too…

So you Commonwealthers who have been waiting to read Kates 10-19 on your e-readers, put this Christmas on your calendar.

And rejoice with me! I am about to be published in the land of Shakespeare. Life can hold no more.

Although I hope it does. Spain? China? Brazil? Phone lines are open…

Kate Shugak

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  1. Those are wonderful, and it’s so great to hear that so many places will be able to meet Kate and the gang! Thanks for sharing. (Just a shame that they missed Whisper to the Blood in their graphic.)


  2. It’s seriously thrilling for me.

    I told them about the Whisper to the Blood mistake, JH. Haven’t heard back from them yet. Figured it was better to put it up wrong than not at all. I just hope they manage to correct the catalog before it goes out. O the humiliation…


  3. Mazel Tov, Dana! Great way to start the (Jewish) New Year! These editions are gorgeous — I wouldn’t mind owning them instead of the US versions. I looked through the rest of the catalog, and Head of Zeus has some terrific graphic designers…and there are a lot of other books in there that look interesting to read as well.


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