National Book Festival Week

This weekend is the National Book Festival!

That exclamation mark is because I was honored to be a featured author at the 2004 National Book Festival. Professional scribbler I may be, there are still not words enough to describe how unutterably cool it is to be speaking on the Mall, within sight of the Capitol, the White House and especially the Lincoln Memorial. We got a reception at the Library of Congress (squee!) the night before, too, and I got to hear Sandra Brown deliver the welcome address. She is a terrific speaker and if you get the chance you should go listen to her (ask her to tell the story about the bottle of Tabasco sauce).

If you’re in love with words and the people who put them together on a page for you to read, if you live in the area or you’re visiting D.C. from out of town, you should definitely put this on your list.

Have a blast! I did.

Book Review Monday Chatter

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  1. Dana, please come back soon! In 2004, I had the most recent Kate book bought and ready to bring down to the Mall for you to sign, and I ended up with a terrible cold and didn’t make it (probably a good thing). I check the Author List each year for the National Book Festival, hoping you’ll be coming back!


  2. Dana – I, fortunately, live just 6 miles from the National Mall and the Festival. It’s a great event. But this is about two Northern Virginia public libraries that, between them, are making all 19 Kate Shugak mysteries available to me, starting with “A Deeper Sleep” 3 months ago when I just wanted to read something about Alaska before traveling there for 2 weeks on one of the usual “touristy” cruise/land tours. I was HOOKED! Now reading them in order and have just finished “A Grave Denied”, shedding tears through the last 10 or so pages. Whatever will I do after I’ve finished the series? Thank you, thank you, Dana, for providing not only reading enjoyment but an education in Alaska’s culture, as well.


  3. Hi there – a friend recently turned me on to the Kate Shugak series and I LOVE THEM!!!! I’m plowing through them, about one every few days, but just hit a brick wall! I read “A Deeper Sleep” and I could have sworn that at the very end, Old Sam (whom Kate calls Uncle) dies after they have the barbeque at his house.

    I just started “Whisper to the Blood”, and Old Sam is in it???? What did I miss??

    Thx, Tina


  4. I started buying your books on my kindle, and you are the funniest, brightest, most literate and addictive writer I’ve come across in a long time. I’m on no. 7 of your Kate Shugack series, and I’m going to go into a major depression when I reach the last one. Please, may we have more??


  5. Wow, Bobby. [blush, simper] Thank you very much. Please don’t sink into a depression, help is on the way! My British publisher tells me that Kates 10-19 will be up on the UK Kindle store in December.


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