The best defense of working from home EVER.

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  1. In Kate’s tenth book a young girl, Stephanie, was an adorable child. When and if Dana Stabenoe going to write a book or continue her life?

    I have read her books more than once. I find or read another item I missed the first time.
    Thank you your books I have so enjoyed them.


  2. just finished “Though Not Dead” and I am hoping there will a next book about Kate and Jim Chopin and all the other Park Rats. Don’t leave us hanging …… anything coming out soon? An addicted fan.


  3. Evidently the newletter link isn’t quite as prominent as we had thought, Gene, sorry about that. I took the liberty of subscribing you. (FYI everyone else, “Newsletter” on the horizontal menu at the top of the page, or bottom right of the right-hand column on every page. Just typing all that tells me we need to make subscribing to the newsletter easier for you.)

    There have been references made to Stephanie now and then throughout the series, Dee, including a big juicy one in Bad Blood, Kate 20 (2/26/13). I don’t know that she’ll ever have her own book, but you’re right, she deserves one.

    There is already another Kate, Dolores, do not despair! Restless in the Grave is already available as a hardback and as an ebook, and it publishes in paperback later this month. (Amazon link here:


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