More Liam Than You Can Handle

For the first time, all four Liam Campbell e-novels and all two Liam Campbell e-short stories under one cover:

My e-publisher, Gere Donovan Press, writes

Newenham, Alaska is a Bush town with a six-bed jail, a busted ATM and a saloon that does double-duty as a courtroom. It’s a wide-enough patch to warrant a state police presence, though, and Trooper Liam Campbell is it, posted there to spend some much-needed time in the wilderness. Campbell didn’t expect the new job to be simple, but finding his ex-lover crouched over a headless body is a hell of a way to get off the plane.

Couldn’t have put it better myself, and all this Liam goodness available for the bargain basement price of $9.99! I took a quick venture into higher math, and after I corrected my backwards caculations for the correct frontwards ones, that comes out to

0.00002813 cents per word!

Such a deal.

Download here:

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There is also this message

What they said. (Please do not feel so moved if you hate all my books like poison.)

36 thoughts on “More Liam Than You Can Handle

  1. Alicia N-L says:

    Finished all 4 of Liam’s books (and Kate’s too), now onto the short stories…so when’s the next Liam (Kate) book coming out. ’cause you know we’re waiting 🙂


  2. Elize says:

    Hi just starting to read the Liam’s series. Can you tell me if there is a book before Fire and Ice so I can catch up with the story line, of them before these four books?


  3. Caroline says:

    When will the next book in the Liam Series be available? I downloaded the 4 + 2 from Amazon and couldn’t put them down. Please say you are continuing with this series?


  4. Bryan says:

    I want to thank you for a month of great reading. I bought the Liam Campbell series and read those along with the last 10 Kate Shugak novels during the month of November while commuting to and from Seattle. They took my mind off of the bus ride and were great to read. I am looking forward to the next Kate Shugak novel in February and hoping for more Liam Campbell novels in the future.


  5. Jessica says:

    I stumbled across both the Liam and Kate series when I first got my kindle and I’m hugely hooked. Sorry to tell ya – you just can’t write em fast enough! 🙂


  6. Jennifer Stoeppler says:

    Before I found the books sold in series, I had purchased and read all of Liam’s and Kate’s stories; long and short. I don’t regret one cent!
    Not too much pressure, but, MORE, NOW, PLEASE! With Bad Blood you left Kate, Mutt, Johnny and Jim hanging and the suspense is killing me.


  7. christopher pepe says:

    Hello Dana, I’ve become a Liam Campbell fan and just finished all four books. I noticed Restless In The Grave is a Kate Shugak series book. I haven’t read those yet but since Liam Campbell teams up with Kate in Restless….do you think I would be lost to read that without starting from the beginning of the Kate….books?
    Also, when did Liam and Wy marry? I don’t remember…Thank you for your response


  8. Christopher Pepe says:

    Thanks for your response, Dana. Sorry to bother you again but is Restless in the Grave a Liam Campbell book or a “Kate” book? I just finished the Liam Campbell mysteries and want to read the Restless in the Grave. Do you think I should first read the “kate” books or does Better to Rest flow into it?


  9. Now you’re asking, Christopher. Restless in the Grave is a Kate Shugak novel, with the Liam Campbell characters included. How do you like to read series? If you like to read them from the beginning, then start with Kate1, aka A Cold Day for Murder. If you’re jonesing for Liam and the gang, dive right into Restless. Either you’ll like the Kate parts enough to read the rest, or you’ll be satisfied with a Liam fix. Up to you.


  10. christopher pepe says:

    Thank you Dana. I will ponder your suggestion. The first Liam Campbell book I read was Better to Rest. I didn’t know it was a series of books until I finished it and went searching for another book to read. That was when I realized not only was it a series but I read the final book! Upon completing Nothing Gold Can Stay I am rereading Better To Rest and things are more clearer since I can more fully relate when events from the previous books pop up.


  11. Gaye says:

    I just finished all of your Liam Campbell series. As someone learning Tai Chi, I got a real kick out of the the passages about Tai Chi. I hope you will get around to another Liam Campbell book soon. I love your Liam and Wy characters. I did however, notice something that was incorrect in your last “Better to Rest”. Minot is in North Dakota not South Dakota. You’ve probably been told this a hundred times!


  12. Patsy says:

    I love Liam Campbell! Please bring him back with a book 5 soon. The ending of book 4 (Better to Rest) makes me hope that this will happen (and I hope sooner than later). Will it happen?


  13. Mackenzie Imperant says:

    Hi! I am just about to start the 4th Liam Campbell book, Better to Rest. I am seeing posts above about 2 short stories, I can’t seem to locate these on iBooks, or am missing them. What are their names and where do they fit in? After the 4th book? I really am enjoying this series and will probably try out a Kate book and see how that goes. I love reading about Alaska, my husband and I took a cruise for our anniversary and loved it, so beautiful. Hoping for a 5th Liam book, but realize you are working on other projects.



    • I’m hoping for a 5th Liam book, too, but as you say it’s way down the list. In re the two Liam short stories, they are included in this collection,, along with a lot of others. They were originally in two different anthologies, And the Dyin’ is Easy and At the Scene of the Crime. If you’d rather, you might be able to find them used on And thanks!


  14. Natz says:

    Hi I have just read the four Liam books in as many days, I loved them- but you left us hanging. Are you going to do anymore please !!!


  15. Sherry Osburn says:

    I have been enjoying the Kate Shugak series for years, and the Liam Campbell series as well. You are a very talented author and I’m looking forward to the next installment for each. The characters have become friends and you always want to know what’s going on with your friends.


  16. Irma Wagner says:

    The Mystery Munchers Book Club in Tucson, Arizona, recently read and enjoyed “Fire and Ice”. Loved the Alaskan “Bush” country setting, as well as the cast of characters, particularly the relationship between Liam and Wy. Seems like a perfect vehicle for a TV series. Are there any plans for a series?
    PS: Thank you for providing us with many hours of enjoyment!


    • Thanks so much, Irma, to you and the Mystery Munchers Book Club! (What mystery food do you munch, I wonder…) No, no bites on a TV series as yet, and no news for a fifth book in the series, either, although I do revisit those characters in the 19th Kate Shugak novel, Restless in the Grave.


  17. Victoria W says:

    I have read all your Liam Campbell books recently and starting on your Kate books…will try silk road next I promise! Just wanted to say I have seldom enjoyed characters more..and have even got my husband to start reading again after years of nagging him (on his second Liam book as we speak…can’t get my kindle off him!), and have recommended you to everyone I can here in Scotland! Can I just add to everyone here…. Get your other irons out the fire and get Liam back in!!! Ps. Thanks for getting us back into reading and now I want to visit Alaska!!!


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