This is why you need the large suitcase when you come to the Poisoned Pen Conference.

And then I had to buy a third copy of

because I loaned out the first two copies and they never came back. So the author, Stephanie Barron, aka Francine Mathews, was pleased to inscribe my new copy thusly:

9 thoughts on “This is why you need the large suitcase when you come to the Poisoned Pen Conference.

  1. Judy Voelker says:

    Have you read any of the books by Jess Walter, Spokane area author? He is getting great press lately and my SIL really likes his stories. Since she is a past school librarian and has worked in her local libraries, I listen to her recommendations. Hope you will like him too!


  2. Dana Thorp says:

    I always figure if a book I loaned out doesn’t come home to me, someone must have needed it or loved it more than me- and I usually also pick up another copy for me it to read and eventually give away again. I bet I’ve had multiple copues of Shogun, Jane Eyre, Lorna Doone, and more. Maybe it’s the best gift we can give. I love the inscription!


  3. Now I’m seriously jealous. I’ve got dibs on the Rollins! And the Barron. I’ll change my name, if I have to! I’m giving you fair warning in case Canada ever decides to invade Alaska, because I know exactly whose house I’m ransacking.


  4. Erin says:

    I hate it when my books disappear. I still can’t remember who I loaned The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie to. Part of me wants to get everything cataloged and start doing loan slips or something…but I think that’s maybe going a bit far.


  5. Vicky Haynes says:

    When you are always moving (military brat, vet, ex-spouse), you quickly learn that what the movers take away is not always going to show up at your new location. Plus books weigh a LOT, so they are one of the first things to be given away when you get orders, which is why I am thrilled to have Ebooks as an alternative. Unfortunately, many of my favorite oldies have not been republished in e-format. When Kate’s cabin was burnt and she talked about all the books she had lost, then searching to find replacements… I know exactly how she felt. Even though I save many of my books, I figure that I will end up replacing it somewhere down the road.


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