The Kate Shugak series (abridged) — updated

Monday, February 13, Clues Unlimited, Tucson (520) 326-8533
Tuesday, February 14, Murder by the Book, Houston (713) 524-8597
Wednesday, February 15, Tattered Cover, Denver 303-470-7050
Thursday, February 16, Powell’s, Portland 503-228-4651
Saturday, February 18, Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle (800) 962-5311
Monday, February 20, Fireside Books, Palmer (907) 745-2665

4 thoughts on “The Kate Shugak series (abridged) — updated

  1. Linda says:

    Great update… can’t wait. A day and a half and counting. (But, who’s counting?!?!) Reminder set to turn on Kindle wireless Monday night for midnight download. SO wish I could have been at The Poisoned Pen for the signing. Liam! Kate! Oh, my!!!


  2. Rexx says:

    Thank you for the free books. When I get a better job (soon!) I will support you by buying your books. Thanks again, and the free books thing is an excellent marketing technique.


  3. bARB says:

    Dana, I enjoyed your new book. But I will be honest, your heart wasn’t in it. Your last book was the same way. It was more about Jim than Kate, but it was good. Your books usually make me can’t wait to read them. I read it in a couple of hours, but the urgency to find out what happens wasn’t there. Since I love to read, and you always share books you like, I want to share one with you. Louise Penny and her Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. And Anne Perry and her Inspector Pitt stories. I love mysteries. Barb


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