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A fully enfranchised flapper in Melbourne after the first War, Phryne Fisher is a heroine after anyone’s heart, and Greenwood’s prose does her full justice. Take this, for example:

Phryne Fisher had a taste for young and comely men, but she was not prone to trust them with anything but her body.


Phryne, carrying the cocktail, decanted it unobtrusively into a potted palm against which she had no personal grudge, and hoped that it would not give her away by dying too rapidly.

In this first novel she busts up a Melbourne cocaine ring and contrives the arrest (and later the hanging, as this is back in the un-PC day of capital punishment) of a back-alley rapist/abortionist. Strong characterization, great setting, and a lot of talk about what she’s wearing which makes you feel like you’ve wandered into an episode of The House of Elliott, but so what? A very enjoyable read.

Fabulous cover art, too.

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  1. Dana,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I read Cocaine Blues after seeing you post about it a few weeks ago on Facebook. I really enjoyed the read, and look forward to reading the rest of the series. Also can’t wait for the next Kate novel. I recommend your books whenever I get the chance.


  2. You may like the recently screened 13 episodes of the ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’ made in Melbourne and shown on the national broadcaster, ABC TV. Essie Davis was luminous as Phryne – with a great cast, wardrobe, scenery…
    Check out the website if you’re interested or


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