Jingle Bells + The Frozen Pipes = A Hard Day’s Night

Every now and then Uncle Steve invites me to be a guest on his Big Alaska Show on KFQD. Click here to listen to this morning’s show, on which I was a guest, and you can hear Karl, the board man, losing me on the phone and getting me back again, and Steve and me talking about the beginnings of basketball at UAA back when it was ACC, which beginnings were so very nebulous I didn’t even know the team existed when I was a student there.

As it happens, Steve is also a barbershop quartet singer, and a while back his group, the Frozen Pipes, recorded this little number.

Which was a pretty good take off on this track by a slightly more famous group.

You should listen to this morning’s show just to hear the story of him flying his mom to Las Vegas and the Frozen Pipes showing up to serenade her and starting a riot at the restaurant while they were at it.

You never know what topic of conversation is going to pop up on the Big Alaska Show, but trust me, it’s always fun to be along for the ride.

Chatter Kate Shugak

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