Correspondence With My Publicist

Thursday, February 3, 5:21pm
Dana to Hector

Did you know that the Super Bowl was on Sunday?
The same Sunday I’m supposed to raise a crowd in Fairbanks?
I didn’t, but then I’m not a football fan.
There’s a word I’m trying to think of that so perfectly describes me. What is it…oh, yes.

Friday, February 4, 8:46am
Hector to Dana

The Super what? Is that like soccer or something?
Seriously, this is inconvenient, but I think the kickoff time is 6:30 PM EST.
Which…in Alaska…oh yeah. Sorry…

For those of you unAmerican enough not to be at a tailgate party, I’ll be in Fairbanks at the Noel Wien Library at 2pm this afternoon, reading from and talking about Though Not Dead.

(I’ll be lucky if the librarians show up.)

Chatter Kate Shugak

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  1. I would be surprised, John. And also grateful. As it happened, 65 people allowed themselves to miss the first hour of the Super Bowl to come see me, bless their hearts.

    And thanks, Jeff!


  2. I hope you got those 58 names so that the House Unamerican Activities Committee can investigate them!

    Oh, wait. It went out of business in the 70s. Well, obviously you’re consorting with a bunch of weirdos anyway!

    (Wish I could have been there… Or made it to the Poisoned Pen!)


  3. You didn’t miss much – the Steelers-Jets game was better. Here in Pittsburgh, the city schools scheduled a 2-hour delay in the morning due to “anticipated civil unrest”. I heard a few people burned old couches on the sidewalks. It boggles the mind…

    Dana if you promised to burn a couch, would more people show up? Although, 58 is a very nice turnout on a day like that. I’m looking forward to a good read.


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