Free audio copies of Though Not Dead!

Thanks to the generosity of those wonderful folks down at Macmillan Audio, simply by subscribing to the Roadhouse Report you are eligible to win one of five! absolutely free! copies of the audio version of Though Not Dead, personally autographed by me in sexy silver ink (oh la la). The five lucky winners will be announced here on my website six days from today, on Tuesday, February 8th.

If you know someone who enjoys audio books but who has until now cleverly managed to avoid my online promotional onslaught, today would be a good day to nudge them gently toward the Roadhouse report subscriber page on, don’t you think?

Click here to listen to an excerpt from the audio, as narrated by the incomparable Marguerite Gavin.

6 thoughts on “Free audio copies of Though Not Dead!

  1. Mary Elaine Handy says:

    I had pre-ordered Though Not Dead & it was delivered to my Kindle on the day I was housebound by an ice storm, perfect timing!! It is great, I always love the music & literary references in the stories. Now I will be panting for the next Kate Shugak adventure. Thank you!


  2. donna goutermont says:

    It was great meeting you last night at the library in Juneau! thanks for signing 2 of my books. Looking forward to reading the new book that is out.


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