“With buttons you could take your time.”

Zippers were over so fast. With buttons you could take your time.

–from Though Not Dead, the 18th Kate Shugak novel


Coming to a bookstore near you on February 1, 2011.

Why…that’s exactly one week from today, isn’t it? Click here for a direct buy link for your very own copy signed by the author on date of publication.

Chatter Kate Shugak

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  1. Dana, I hate finishing your Kate Shugak books. I wish I could drag them out longer, but I can’t put the darn things down. Though Not Dead was great. I loved your homage to Click and Clack. “…Ray mumbled something inarticulate.” “Grizzled old farts.” It was perfect. No doubt they love it. I’d love to know how that came about and if they were aware of the honor. Thank you.


  2. I’m so flattered you hate finishing them, Kelly, thanks! So far as I know Tom and Ray aren’t Kate Shugak fans. Here’s hoping the homage migrates over in that direction…


  3. I LOVE your Books! I hate to finish them because it seems so long between books. I have read all your Kate Shugak books, as well as all the Liam Campbell, and Star Svensdotter books.

    I have a question about something though. In “Though Not Dead”, Chapter 23 has Kate being tailed. The very last sentence of that chapter says “She didn’t notice the tail for almost six months.” Now I know and you know that Kate is a HECK of a lot more observant than that. So what was that sentence supposed to say??? 6 miles or 6 minutes?

    Can’t wait to read your next book! Karen


  4. Just like to say thanks for the Great work with “Though Not Dead”. Looks like I have another 30+ books to read, Thanks to you.
    I’ve been to Kodiak twice to visit Sister in law and her Crab fisherman husband. Went for a week stayed 3 months, enjoyed it as much as when we moved to Montana. Again, Thanks for a good read. Keep up the Great work.
    Don Burnett


  5. A friend just told me that my dad, Murray Morgan, is a minor character (or a referenced person) person in Though Not Dead. Very cool. He was indeed in the ASC in the Aleutians at the same time as Dashiell Hammett.

    I look forward to reading the book and wish Murray were still around to see the reference.


  6. I am thrilled to hear from you, Lane. I think I’ve hand-sold more copies of your dad’s Confederate Raider than I have of any of my own. I wish I had met him, but wherever he is, his ears should be burning!


  7. Thanks so much! Confederate Raider was one of Murray’s favorites–I’m delighted that you like it.

    I’ve been excerpting and posting some of Murray’s correspondence from his year in the Aleutians, mostly letters to my mom. They’re at morgancorrespondence.blogspot.com


  8. I am delighted with Though Not Dead and enjoy growing attachment/attraction between Kate and Jim. The romantic tension is wonderfully deepening. I do hope – expect?, if I may – that the next novel will make them realize how much they love each other, cement their relationship and make it permanent.


  9. Wondering about the change in the Bannister father…Emil and murdered in Though Not Dead; Jasper and alive in A Taint in the Blood. Writer’s privledge? Just wondering.
    Love your books. Hoping for Erland to really get what’s coming in the next.


  10. Fair enough. Thanks for the answer. Lived in Eagle River for a year about 25 years ago. Love the Alaska flavor. Kate is way cool!!!


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