It’s HERE!!!

It’s here, and it’s gorgeous, and it’s MASSIVE!

It just walked in the door, courtesy of Big Brown, and it’s so bee-yoo-tiful, I am delirious with joy. My fabulous editor, Kelley Ragland, made the old-timey font for the historical passages happen and in contrast the modern day font looks that much more clear and crisp and, well, modern. There are maps of the Park and Niniltna and there is Kate’s family tree

and it’s a monster, almost twice the size of A Night Too Dark. Okay, maybe a little hyperbole there, but only a little. I’m kinda surprised they only raised the price a buck.

Give me just a minute here. Breathe, Dana. Okay, I don’t care how manic and over the top I sound, this is the single most beautiful book ever published with my name on it. Thank you, Kelley, and Andy, and Matthew, and Hector, and David, and Matt, and everyone who had a hand in this most marvelous package!

Thank you, St. Martin’s Minotaur!

Chatter Kate Shugak

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  1. Dana, I am so excited for you. And so happy that I almost have your book in my hot little hands, FINALLY! I can’t wait to read it. Think that day we’ll be having pizza for dinner. I’ll be too busy reading to cook!


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