The first book in the Silk and Song Trilogy is now only 99 cents!

Sixteen-year old Johanna flees Cambaluc in 1322, following the murder of her father and the murderous intentions of her step-mother, accompanied by her foster sister and wise woman Shasha, and by Jaufre, an orphan of the Road who has been raised to be her companion and who hopes to become more. Together they take to the Road, that storied collection of routes that link the silks of Cathay, the spices of the Indies and the jewels of the Indus to the markets of the western world. Their destination? Venice, that fabled port of the Middle Sea, and the home of Johanna’s her grandfather, the legendary Marco Polo.

But first they must survive treachery, betrayal, a war of conquest waged by an ambitious Mongol general, a long separation, and a Road beset by thieves and robbers emboldened by the steady deterioration of the Mongol Empire. They meet a Buddhist monk, an Assassin, a goliard, a Knight Templar, and two refugees from the harem of Sheik Mohammed of Talikan, but in spite of these new friends it is still a long and difficult journey, at the end of which they arrive in Venice only to discover Marco Polo on his deathbed.

The Land Beyond, the third and final book in the Silk and Song trilogy, opens in Venice in 1324, where Johanna and company must find a new patron, a new way to earn their living, and above all a new home. All of this is complicated by a cunning kidnapping, a daring rescue, a tragic death, and a brush with royalty that catapults Johanna and Jaufre and all their friends into the most danger they’ve seen yet.

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The trade paperback edition of The Land Beyond publishes on December 5, when I will be signing all three at the Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale. Click on the links below to pre-order your copies now:

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Extra, extra, read all about it!

The Land Beyond, the third and final novel in the Silk and Song trilogy, is now available for downloading from all your finer e-book emporiums! Whoop!

The Land Beyond cover art

Johanna and Jaufre left Everything Under the Heavens in search of her grandfather. Tried by treachery, tested by war and challenged by the very Road itself, they have at last found their way to the shores of the Middle Sea and the storied streets of Venice itself, the gateway to the East, only to find Marco Polo on his deathbed. Where do they go from here?

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I’ll be signing the trade paperback edition of The Land Beyond at the Poisoned Pen at 2pm Saturday, December 5th. Pre-order your copy here. Barbara is ordering extra copies of Everything Under the Heavens and By the Shores of the Middle Sea so you can buy all three at once and have me sign them for you.

Everything Under the HeavensBy the Shores of the Middle Sea cover art

Marguerite Gavin says she is beginning the audio recording of Book II. Book I is already available in audio format right here.

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In the meantime, check out the killer prices on the first two e-books by clicking on the images above. Nice.

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Don’t panic! The best Christmas gift is only a click away!

My Christmas gift to you!


Four Stabenow titles free on Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo, and 99 cents on Barnes and Noble. Amazon links below, now’s the time to load up that brand new e-reader.

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Silk and Song II, or let the buckling and swashing continue!

Here’s the livestream from the Poisoned Pen’s launch of By the Shores of the Middle Sea event on November 29th.

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Rodney and Laurel (a Danamaniac!) drove over from Albuquerque for their copies.

It’s always a party down at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore.

Here’s the livestream from last Tuesday’s By the Shores of the Middle Sea event.

I think I can safely say a good time was had by all. I sure had a blast, and I got to handsell a bunch of books I didn’t even write to fellow readers.

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“A horse’s whinny, imperious and insistent, was heard, and Johanna laughed.”


— One —
Talikan, Spring, 1323

A horse’s whinny, imperious and insistent, was heard, and Johanna laughed. “Ihsan! Open the door before North Wind opens it for you!”

The door opened and Johanna shot through the opening as if she had been loosed from a bow. Still, North Wind was there before her.

Ihsan, the stable master, was the only man in Sheik Mohammed’s entire stables who could even marginally handle North Wind without injury. He was certainly the only one courageous enough to saddle and lead the stallion from his stall, and smart enough to flatten himself hastily against the stable wall as the great white stallion moved past him at a gait unsuitable for the relatively cramped quarters of the stable yard. She laughed again, caught a handful of mane and swung herself up on North Wind’s back. He didn’t stop as she settled into place, continuing on toward the double doors of the stable yard, his intent obvious. Either someone would open the doors or North Wind would go right through them.

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