LOTR Hockey Teams

Which is your team? the Lothlorien Elves?

the Moria Balrogs?

or how about Saruman’s finest, the Isengard Uruk-Hai?

From Steve Thomas.

Need one for Eowyn’s Enforcers. Taking down the Nazgul Annihilators the last year of every Third Age.

I do not see why I should e’er turn back.

Into My Own

One of my wishes is that those dark trees,
So old and firm they scarecely show the breeze,
Were not, as ’twere, the merest mask of gloom,
But stretched away unto the edge of doom.

I should not be withheld but that sme day
Into their vastness I should steal away,
Fearless of ever finding open land,
Or highway where the slow wheel pours the sand.

I do not see why I should e’er turn back,
Or those should not set forth upon my track
To overtake me, who should miss me here
And long to know if still I held them dear.

They would not find me changed from him they knew–
Only more sure of all I thought was true.

–Robert Frost

Ski Pluto! Zipline the Asteroid Belt! Ride Saturn’s rings!

Ski Pluto

asteroid belt zipline tours copy

Saturn train copy

Steve Thomas’ blog is here, tons more of his stuff for sale here. Get your geek on.

A quite unlosable game.

Annus Mirabilis

Sexual intercourse began
In nineteen sixty-three
(Which was rather late for me)–
Between the end of the Chatterly ban
And the Beatles’ first LP.

Up till then there’d only been
A sort of bargaining,
A wrangle for a ring,
A shame that started at sixteen
And spread to everything.

Then all at once the quarrel sank:
Everyone felt the same,
And every life became
A brilliant breaking of the bank,
A quite unlosable game.

So life was never better than
In nineteen sixty-three
(Though just too late for me)–
Between the end of the Chatterly ban
And the Beatles’ first LP.

–Philip Larkin


“Say howdy to George Carter, and thank him for taking the pistol from you when you were shooting at me.”

From Letters of Note:

Read the full text of Mr. Anderson’s letter here. It will have you on your feet, cheering, by the end.